Serralunga d'alba

Baudana: one place, one vineyard, one history. We are one with this land.

The origin of our cellar is lost in time: Baudana is the name of the family, but it is also the name of the vineyard and of the hamlet of Serralunga d’Alba, where we are located.

Our soul

A cellar born around the corner, where dreams flourished.

For over thirty years, Luigi and Fiorina have grown the vineyards that have belonged to their family for generations. They cared for their vineyards with the same tenderness of their own love and with the same warmth emanating from their cellar, born under the vaults of their home.

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Our terroirs

Care for the earth

Luigi Baudana is a small winery in Serralunga d’Alba. With approximately 3 hectares farmed in Baudana and Cerretta, the prime crus of the village, it can rightly be considered a true garagiste winery.

Our essence

Cherish the history

From the very beginning, the Vaira family have been impressed by Luigi and Fiorina's ambition, as well as pride in their work. Our mission everyday is for Luigi and Fiorina to be proud of the vineyards and of the wines, whilst perpetuating their gestures and seeking for the authenticity of every single vineyard.